HOLYFLEA! likes so many things but we particularly like: nonsense rhymes, vampires, drawings/paintings/doodles/comics/post-it note scribbles/ink spillages that look eerily like the bathtub in your old house, weird stories, diary entries, transcripts of meaningful conversations, mash up genres, something inspired by your favourite movie, poetry that is not sure if it’s poetry, a page ripped out of your dream journal, lyrics to a song you wrote when you were eight and you think still reads as particularly charming, (brackets) and, most of all, things that have a unique voice/don’t feel like they fit in elsewhere. We like the weird and the offbeat.

We are not interested in anything racist / xenophobic / transphobic / homophobic / ableist / abusive / needlessly explicit, violent, hateful or harmful.

All published work remains the intellectual property of the artist. Upon publications, rights revert back to artist. If accepted, you grant us first electronic rights. We accept simultaneous submissions but prefer previously unpublished work (writing or art posts on personal accounts/blog are totally fine, though!). Just email us if you want to withdraw your submission.

Rejections are invitations to resubmit. PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND! Just because one piece doesn’t fit right now, doesn’t mean another one won’t! Due to the volume of submissions, we do not give feedback on rejected submissions.

We aim to reply to everything in 1-3 weeks. If you think we’ve missed your submission and it has been over a month since sending, just email us to check up!


Send all submissions to with the subject heading FIRST NAME LAST NAME / TITLE OF PIECE. Submissions not following this format will not receive a response. doc/doc(x) files only (though any for art pieces). Include a short third person bio and say hi! We love friendliness 🙂


POETRY: Up to 5 poems at one time in one document. Any length.

FLASH: Any amount of pieces can be submitted as long as they total less than 2000 words max. in one document.

FICTION/CNF: Any amount of pieces can be submitted at one time as long as they total less than 4500 words max. in one document.

VISUAL: Up to five pieces at one time. All in one email.

If you have any more questions regarding submissions, please direct them to us on twitter @holyfleatlit or email us at

SUBMISSIONS FOR ISSUE 2 ARE NOT OPEN. Keep up with us on Twitter to see when they are opening up again.

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